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Dougal MacKenzie (Outlander)

A man with a rugged physique

Dougal MacKenzie is a proud Scottish warrior and therefore logically wears the colors of his clan, although he does not systematically wear a kilt as can be seen on this figure. He wears dark green pants with black boots. Over it, he wears a long plaid jacket in a typical Scottish fabric. If he is not wearing his tartan kilt, he wears it across his torso, held in place by a leather belt that also passes across his torso in the opposite direction. In his right hand, he holds his sword. At the level of the head, we find his almost bald head and especially his thick gray beard giving him this so fierce aspect.


A proud Scottish warrior

Dougal MacKenzie is an important character in the first season of the Outlander series, adapted from Diane Gabaldon’s novels of the same name. At the beginning of the series, Claire, a wartime nurse, is on her second honeymoon in the Scottish Highlands with her husband Frank, whom she only reunited with at the liberation in 1945. During a walk, they discover a circle of magic stones and Claire returns alone the next day to pick flowers. She approaches a stone from which murmurs seem to come and is thrown backwards. When she wants to go home, she can’t find her car and eventually realizes that she has been thrown back to 1742 when an English officer tries to rape her and she is saved by Scottish clansmen. Dougal MacKenzie is their leader and he decides to take Claire with them. When she manages to heal the arm of Jamie Fraser, one of the young warriors, Dougal decides to take her to the castle of his brother, the chief of the MacKenzie clan. He first agrees to have her escorted to the stones in the hope that she can return to her own time, but given her skills, he finally decides to keep her at the castle as a healer. Dougal is a troubled character. Although he seems at first to be a rather honorable man, he is also attracted to Claire and will repeatedly attempt to assault her. Claire will also quickly discover that he is taking advantage of the tax collection tours to secretly militate for the rebellion of the Jacobites against the English.


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