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Black Widow (Avengers Infinity War)

The major change in appearance for Black Widow compared to the other films is her hair, which has become blond and shorter. Her outfit also seems to be less typical of the SHIELD jump and more practical. She wears black pants, a green fleece jacket and reinforced boots. Around her waist and thighs, she has of course several harnesses to hang her weapons and holds in her hand the baton with which she fights most often and which is surely more sophisticated than it looks.


New look for Black Widow

Black Widow is a former Russian spy who joined S.H.I.E.L.D., an American secret agency, in order to redeem her crimes and do good. When S.H.I.E.L.D. fell after Hydra revealed that it had always been undercover, she joined the Avengers Initiative with superheroes like Iron, Thor and the Hulk. If the Avengers are now rather divided after the events of Captain America Civil War, a new terrible enemy named Thanos will force them to come together. Indeed, this already very powerful galactic being has come to Earth to get the six Infinity Stones which, once all gathered, will give him almost infinite powers. Black Widow, unlike most of the other Avengers, has no superpowers, but she is a formidable warrior, extremely intelligent, speaks many languages and is a legend among spies.


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