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Cap Snowman (Marvel)

A heroic snowman

It is thus in the form of a snowman that Captain America is represented here. His body is made of two balls, one of which is bigger. His arms are made of wooden pieces to which are attached mittens in the colors of Captain America and one of them holds his famous shield with a star in the center. Around his neck, he wears a blue, white and red scarf, and finally, his head has the classic shape of a pop figure head. He wears the famous Captain America helmet with an A on his forehead and he has a carrot instead of a nose.


The first of the American heroes

Cap Snowman is a snowman created by Funko and of course refers to Captain America, the first of the Avengers and one of the oldest superheroes in the Marvel universe. Steve Rogers was a young man from New York who wanted to join the army during World War II but his physical condition prevented him from doing so. He was then recruited by an army scientist who wanted to test a serum he had created that could increase his strength tenfold. The serum worked better than expected and Steve became much bigger and more muscular but also strong and fast and almost invincible. A symbol of the army during the Second World War, he was presumed dead when his plane crashed into a frozen lake. He is found more than sixty years later by SHIELD, perfectly preserved in the ice and he will become the first of Nick Fury’s Avengers.


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