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Captain America Gold (Marvel)

A well-deserved place

On the occasion of the anniversary of the first 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Funko released a collection of figurines of the most popular characters in golden versions. Obviously Captain America had to be part of it. He is presented in a fighting posture with one fist in front and his shield in the other. He is wearing his full outfit, the details of which, especially the stars, are still visible despite the fact that the whole is completely golden. At the head level, we find of course his mask and the A on his forehead.


A true hero

From his real name Steve Rogers, Captain America is considered the first of the Avengers. As a young man, he was considered too puny to join the army during World War II, but despite his many attempts, he was asked to participate in a scientific experiment to make him a super soldier. The experiment was a success and he became much taller, stronger, faster and almost indestructible with extremely enhanced recovery capabilities. During the war, he fought Red Skull, the leader of Hydra within the Nazi party, but his plane crashed into a frozen lake and he was presumed dead before being found by chance more than 60 years later preserved in ice. He then became one of the members of the Avengers trained by Nick Fury to fight new, particularly disturbing threats.


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