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Captain Marvel chase (Captain Marvel)

The Ultimate Avenger

For this chase version of the character, Funko depicted Captain Marvel, Carole Denvers, in her full superhero outfit. It’s a mix between a skin-tight suit and a metallic armor. This one is mainly blue with touches of red on the shoes, arms and torso and of course this famous golden star at the heart. As on the other version, she extends her arms and stands with clenched fists as if about to use her powers. The difference with the other one is the helmet that covers almost all her face except the mouth and her blond hair that comes out of the opening at the top.


A new origin story

Captain Marvel is one of the most famous characters in the Marvel universe and, according to her creators, one of the most powerful. In the movie Captain Marvel from Marvel Studios, we discover her origin story in a rather original way. Indeed, we meet her as Vers, a young human woman living on the planet Hala of the Kree and trained by her mentor Yon-Rogg. Vers has no memory older than six years but has many nightmares and has visions of herself on Earth with several people but without remembering them. While on a mission to retrieve Skrulls infiltrating Earth, Vers’ ship crashes and she crosses paths with S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Phil Coulson and Nick Fury, who then helps her to retrace what appears to be her previous life while also trying to understand the extent of the Skrull threat.


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