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Cece (New Girl)

Another model

Funko has represented her here with the green dress she wears in an episode of season 1. This dress is therefore green, quite short with a ruffled collar draped on the front. With that, she wears high beige shoes with heels and the set lets see a lot of her golden skin. At the level of the head, her face is simple but we find well her beautiful long brown hair and curly with her thick fringe covering her forehead.


The end of a career

Cece is one of the main characters in the New Girl series about Jess, a young schoolteacher moving into a new apartment with 3 male roommates after the man she was living with cheated on her. Cece has been Jess’s best friend since school although the two young women have grown to be very different. While Jess has a bit of a quirky, nerdy side with her big glasses and passion for crafts, Cece is a model and spends a lot of time with lots of hip people. Early on, Schmidt, one of Jess’ roommates, falls for Cece, and declares that they will eventually get married. Over time, Cece begins to soften and spend more time with the rest of the gang, also beginning a complicated relationship with Schmidt. At the age of 30, Cece also comes to the end of her career and has to start thinking about how to reconvert. This period of floating also makes her funnier and makes her one of the strong points of the series.


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