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Schmidt (New Girl)

Elegance personified

Schmidt is therefore logically represented with one of his favorite suits. This one is dark gray, perfectly cut and tailored, and he wears it with a light gray shirt and a purple tie. One of his hands is resting on his tie as if he is adjusting it and the other arm is along his body. Finally, at the head level, we find his brown hair always impeccably combed and his face shaved closely.


A lovable neurotic

Schmidt is one of the characters of the series New Girl. This series is a comedy that tells the life of four roommates in a big loft in California. Jess is the only woman and arrives at the beginning of the series after breaking up with her boyfriend who cheated on her, Winston returns from Latvia after playing basketball professionally there and Nick is a bartender with hopes of becoming an author. Schmidt is the one with the most stable and lucrative job. He works in marketing and is now obsessed with his image after being obese for much of his life. He owns a large collection of suits and is also obsessed with cleanliness in general. Other than that, Schmidt is very good natured and would absolutely do anything for his friends, especially Nick who he considers his best friend since college.


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