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Winston (New Girl)

the early Winston

Winston is shown here near the beginning of the series when he is still mostly wearing sports clothes. He is shown here wearing black jeans, gray sneakers and a simple gray hoodie to match his shoes. On the head, we find his hair cut short and of course his brown skin. As it is the case at the beginning of the series, he wears only a slight goatee that will later turn into a full beard. Finally, he stands with his hands in his pockets looking a bit lost.


Biggest development

Winston is one of the heroes of the New Girl series. At the beginning of the series, Winston returns to the United States after playing basketball professionally in Latvia for several years. Now unemployed, Winston is a little confused as to what he really wants to do. He found a job as a radio announcer for a while, but that job didn’t satisfy him either. He even found himself babysitting for a while until he really found his calling and decided to enter the police academy. His return to the United States and the loft he shares with his friends Nick and Schmidt coincides with the arrival of Jess, the boys’ new roommate. They all become fast friends and it is the absurd situations and quirky personalities of the characters that make the show so funny. Winston may be the wisest at the beginning of the story, but he is the one who will evolve the most and maybe even become the wackiest of them all.


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