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Nick (New Girl)

A typical expression

Working in a rather seedy bar, Nick doesn’t really have a very polished look. He is mostly in jeans and sneakers. So of course that’s how he is represented on this figure. With that, he wears a green shirt whose first button is open and let the top of his shirt. At the head level, we find his brown hair slightly styled in spikes as well as his light three-day beard that he never shaves. Finally, he wears an expression between annoyance and surprise that corresponds well to the character.


The Grinch of the bunch

Nick Miller is one of the main characters in the New Girl series. It simply tells the story of four roommates: three boys, Schmidt, Winston and Nick and one girl, Jess, who is the newcomer to the loft after she broke up with her cheating boyfriend. Nick is the grumpy one of the bunch, a bartender who dropped out of law school and is now trying to become a writer. Despite this grumpiness, Nick will quickly become friends with Jess and over the course of the series, romantic feelings will also develop between them. Nick has also been Schmidt’s best friend since college and although they are very close, he is often uncomfortable with Schmidt’s unbridled affection for him. As for Winston, they have been friends since childhood and at the beginning of the series, he returns to the United States after playing professional basketball in Latvia for several years.


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