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Jess (New Girl)

Iconic look

Jess’ look has changed very little over the seasons and her style would be recognizable between thousand. She is pictured here wearing one of the red dresses she wore in the first season. As always this one is quite short with a flared bottom and a rather wise collar. As always, she wears that black ballerinas which are probably her trademark. Finally, at the level of the head, we find her voluminous brown hair, long and slightly curly and of course this famous fringe that will never leave her. Finally, she is of course represented with these big glasses with thick brown frames.


The new roommate

Jess (Jessica Day) is one of the main characters of the series New Girl. The concept of the series is quite simple: Jess has just separated from her boyfriend who cheated on her and with whom she lived and finds a room in a large loft in roommate with three men. If the boys have at the beginning a little difficulty with the extravagant personality of Jess, especially as she is still depressed after her breakup, they will quickly start to get attached and a beautiful friendship will be born between the four roommates but also with CC, the best friend model of Jess who will become more and more important in the series. The interest of the series comes from the interaction between the characters with their personalities which are in fact all more eccentric than the others and the absurd situations in which they so often find themselves. Jessica is a school teacher passionate about her job but also about reading, crafts and geeky references that sometimes make her look weird to others.


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