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Cersei Lannister Queen (Game Of Thrones)

A new queen

After a real coup d’?tat, Cersei became queen again. Her style becomes darker, a little less feminine and a little more warlike, as we could already see during the attack of Stannis. We can see that she wears a long black dress more covering and simple which shows that she has abandoned the red and gold colors of the Lannisters to become more independent. The black also probably symbolizes the return of winter. She also wears metallic armor on her shoulders and a simple red ring on her finger. On the head, her face is simple and we recognize this new short haircut following her atonement walk. On his head is placed a silver metal crown which is not without reminding the cutting” side of the Iron Throne.


A queen who fights to regain her power

Cersei is one of the characters who, as the seasons go by, turns out to be one of the most dangerous of the famous Game Of Thrones series. After the death of Joffrey and Tywin, it is the young Tommen who becomes king of the seven kingdoms of Westeros. Cersei will then have to enter a contest of manipulation with Margaery, Tommen’s wife, to know which one will be able to influence the young teenager better. She will then try to put religion on her side against Margaery but this will backfire and she will also find herself locked up and accused of incest with her brother. Forced to confess her sins and make an atonement march through the city, she finds herself confined to her chambers while awaiting her trial by combat. But of course Cersei has not said her last word and she is going to do something that we did not expect, even from her.


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