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Comic Moment Batman Hush (Batman)

A Deluxe Scene

For this action figure from Jim Lee’s DC Collection, Funko depicted Batman standing on the roof of a building with his foot on the head of a gargoyle. He’s wearing his classic comic book costume with a tight gray outfit, boots, gloves and blue briefs with a yellow belt. On his torso, we can see a drawing of a bat, the symbol of Batman. His big blue cape floats in the wind around him and of course, he wears his blue mask hiding the top of his face and his hair.


A cult story of Batman

Batman is one of the most famous superheroes of DC editions. His real name is Bruce Wayne and he is a billionaire genius living in Gotham City who uses the means at his disposal to create all sorts of gadgets and vehicles to fight crime. In the comic Hush (Silence) he faces the villain Silence who seems to control many of Gotham City’s villains in the shadows. This story also focuses on the ambiguous relationship between Batman and Catwoman, the discovery of her true identity and the fact that she was being manipulated by Poison Ivy.


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