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Cuddle Team Leader (Fortnite)

A punk teddy bear

As in the game, the Cuddle Team Leader is a skin that is made up of a big pink teddy bear suit. The character also wears big purple boots and a weapon attached to the front of it with rubber bands. She also wears a breastplate with a broken heart on the chest but especially a very large pink teddy bear head completely hiding the face. This one is all pink with only the inside of the ears white and a kind of white scar on the forehead as well as a heart-shaped nose.


An adorable teddy bear

The Cuddle Team Leader is one of the many skins that players can acquire in various ways in the famous online video game Fortnite Battle Royale. Indeed in this game where players must fight zombie envelopes alone or in teams, the playable characters are standard and it is by buying or earning rewards that players can customize their avatar. The Cuddle Team Leader is a skin that is part of the Royale Heart Set series that is only available during the Valentine’s Day period, just like the Love Ranger.


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