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Daredevil masked vigilante (Daredevil)

The masked vigilante

Daredevil is represented here with his first vigilante” outfit. Indeed, he will not immediately adopt his red Daredevil costume but will be satisfied with a discreet black outfit. We can thus see this complete black suit worn with black boots. In his hands, he holds two sticks, his favorite weapon, which gives him a ninja look. At the level of the head, the whole top of his face is covered by a big black bandage which allows him to hide his eyes and to concentrate on his other senses.


The vigilante

Daredevil is the main character of the Netflix series Daredevil. Inspired by a famous Marvel comic, it is one of the four series to be directly linked to the cinematic universe. Daredevil is the secret identity of Matt Murdock. He became blind when he was only nine years old, but today he enjoys a particularly high acuity of his other senses. Since the Chitauri attack in the Avengers movie, New York has been rebuilding and the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood has become a crime haven. Matt, a lawyer by day, decides to become a vigilante by night in an attempt to bring order. At first, he is content to wear a black and discreet outfit, but it is only later that he will adopt the real superhero outfit of Daredevil.


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