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Deadpool blanc (Deadpool)

White Deadpool

For this SDCC 2016 exclusive figure, Deadpool wears his usual full face suit but it’s full white instead of red. We find his usual harnesses on the legs and torso and only the big button in the middle of his chest is represented in red. In his left hand, he holds a gray metallic gun.


A life turned upside down

Deadpool, whose real name is Wade Wilson, is the hero of the comics Deadpool from Marvel. First known as Wolverine’s adversary before Wolverine tried to recruit him, the popularity of his character led him to have his own adventures. Following scientific experiments that cured his cancer and made him almost immortal, he was also disfigured, which explains the fact that he almost never takes off his mask. Even before his movie adaptation, Deadpool was famous for his dark and offbeat humor.


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