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Deadpool chef (Deadpool)

An outstanding cook

Deadpool is represented here while he cooks all these pancakes, wearing a white chef’s hat and a spatula to turn the pancakes. Otherwise, he is wearing his usual Deadpool costume that he never takes off. This one is red with black stripes on the sides, on the sleeves and to mark the location of his eyes. He also wears the harnesses around his waist and thighs to attach his weapons and stands with a raised thumb turned towards his face.


Pancakes for everyone

Deadpool is one of the craziest superheroes in the Marvel universe. Wade Wilson is a former CIA operative turned mercenary. When he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he agreed to participate in illegal scientific experiments. They cured him by activating a dormant mutant gene that made him almost immortal because he could regenerate. But this leaves him disfigured for life and he will wear his costume in all circumstances. Deadpool is also known for his particular humor and his passion for certain things like chimichangas or pancakes. In volume 2.16, he decides to cook 372844 pancakes just because he was bored and to be able to push Domino from the roof so that she falls on the pile.


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