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Deadpool on scooter (Deadpool)

A nice figurine

As we can see in several comics, Deadpool is represented here on his red scooter which, he insists, is a motorcycle. This one is red and quite small with a deadpool sticker in front, a sticker with the nuclear sign at the bottom and another one I love chimichangas”. Deadpool is represented with his usual red and black suit, half seated with one hand on the handlebars and the other raised in the air with a closed fist.


A cult accessory

From his real name Wade Wilson, Deadpool is a mercenary converted into a kind of superhero in spite of himself. Diagnosed with an incurable cancer, he agreed to participate in tests to try to cure it. This triggered a mutant gene in him that cured him and made him almost immortal, but also left him with a horribly damaged skin. Beyond that, Deadpool has a very particular personality: a rather black humor and a very dubious morality, but he is also completely crazy, with a passion for unicorns, chimichangas and some of his accessories such as his little red scooter.


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