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Demonic Pennywise & Funhouse (It, Chapter 2)

A Horrific Scene

For this Pop Town, Pennywise is shown here in a demonic version next to the house of mirrors at the carnival where he drags Bill in and threatens to kill the little boy who has just entered the house as he had killed his little brother Georgie. Pennywise wears his retro clown outfit with his white skin and always his orange hair in a spiky style. We also find his yellow eyes but especially this very large mouth revealing this horrible sharp teeth and not at all human. The Fun House” has an entrance with the face of a sad clown, the entrance being done by the gaping mouth of the character. On the sides, there are old-fashioned posters and decorations in the classic circus style.


Second round for Pennywise

Pennywise is the terrifying monster of the It movies inspired by the famous novel by Stephen King. While in the first film, a group of teenagers met the famous monster taking the appearance of a clown to attract children and devour them, in the second film, it is their adult version that we find. Indeed, they had defeated Pennywise but not killed and they know that he can come back every 27 years. And, indeed, at the scheduled time, Pennywise returns and makes new victims. Mike, the only one left living in Derry, calls them back. He thinks he has the solution to finally kill Pennywise, but before he can do so, each of them must face painful memories and their deepest fears that the creature feeds on.


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