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Pennywise with balloon (It, Chapter Two)

An appearance as disturbing as ever

Pennywise is shown here with one of the character’s trademark red I love Derry” balloons. He is wearing an old-fashioned clown outfit, grey in color, damaged by the years with frills on the collar, sleeves and ankles. He wears clown shoes with tassels and white gloves. On the head, his skin is white and very damaged on the forehead and his orange hair is styled in spikes on the sides and the top of his face. He has big rabbit teeth, his mouth painted in red and red lines around his yellow eyes. Finally, he holds the famous red balloon in his hand, hanging on a white string.


A comeback

Pennywise is one of the most terrifying monsters created by Stephen King in the novel and the It movies. In the second film, as expected, twenty-seven years after the events of the first film, he returns in a most terrifying scene. Two men are walking through the carnival in the small town of Derry and are assaulted by a group of delinquents as they leave the carnival because they are gay. One of them is beaten up and thrown over the bridge into the water. His companion goes down to the water’s edge to try to retrieve him but the young man is actually pulled out of the water by Pennywise on the other side of the bank. Just then, hundreds of I love Derry” balloons arrive under the bridge and prevent the young man from seeing what is happening. When he can see again, Pennywise is devouring him. Mike, the only one of the group of friends left in Derry, learns of this story and calls his friends back to keep their promise to come back if Pennywise starts killing again.


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