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Figurines Pop Movie Moments Pennywise In Gutter (It)

A terrible scene

For this exclusive movie moment, Funko has chosen to represent the moment when the boat is about to fall and Georgie sees the clown Pennywise for the first time. We can see a base representing mainly tar with also a layer of earth and grass, the creators even had fun adding the detail of a small earthworm. In the manhole, we only see Pennywise’s head with his makeup and his unhealthy smile. In front of him, Georgie is wearing his yellow raincoat and is kneeling down to try to catch his boat which is sailing towards the manhole. This one is represented on a kind of puddle nicely represented with a translucent blue plastic.


A terrifying moment

Pennywise is the terrifying monster taking the appearance of a clown in the famous novels and movies by Stephen King. At the very beginning of the story, little Georgie wants to take advantage of the rain to go and play with the paper boat that his big brother Bill has made for him. But Bill is sick and the little boy has to go and play by himself. He floats his boat in the gutter until it reaches the manhole and falls in. But as Georgie goes to try to catch him, he sees a clown down in the manhole. The clown tries to pull him in, making circus noises and telling him that it’s fun down there. Georgie hesitates but finally backs down, feeling that it would surely be too dangerous. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have time to leave before the clown snatches his arm before pulling him down. A year later, Bill feels guilty and is the only one who continues to look for his little brother despite the general opinion that he is probably long dead.


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