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Stanley Uris (It)

Stan during the fight

Funko chose here to represent Stan during one of the fights with It. As usual, he is wearing his blue jeans with a red short-sleeved shirt and simple white sneakers. In his hands, he holds a piece of pipe which he uses to attack and defend himself. Finally, at the level of the face, we can see that he has already fought because his face bears several traces of blood. And finally, we find his brown curly hair falling down a little on his forehead.


A smart character

Stanley Uris is one of the characters in the famous Loser’s Club in Stephen King’s novel It and the recent movie adaptation. At the beginning of the movie, the little brother of one of the boys is horribly killed by a monster hiding in a manhole and taking the appearance of a clown. A year later, the boy’s body has not been found and Bill still hopes to find him. That’s when he and his friends at the club all begin to have encounters with the famous clown, causing them to see their worst nightmares. For Stan, who is one of the only Jewish kids in his school, it’s the terrifying Modigliani painting in his rabbi’s office. This one has always scared him and one day it starts to come alive and tries to grab him. Apart from that, Stan is probably the smartest and most composed boy of the gang with a strong tendency to mannerism.


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