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Richie Tozier (It)

An endearing character

Despite his loudmouth side, Richie remains a touching character and full of insecurities, especially because of his big glasses that are of course found on this figurine. Funko represented him with green pants and a white and green flowered shirt worn over his white shirt. On the face, he is represented with his big black glasses as well as his freckles on his cheeks and his black hair falling on his forehead. Finally, he holds a baseball bat in his hands.


A crude character

Richie Tozier is one of the members of the small group of characters calling themselves the Losers in Stephen King’s famous novel and the recent movie adaptation. At the beginning of the film, one of the boys’ little brother, Bill, goes out in the rain to sail the boat his brother made for him in the gutter. But the boat ends up in a manhole where a terrifying clown is hiding. As the little boy hesitates to move his arm forward to retrieve the boat from the clown’s hands, the clown violently pulls his arm out and pulls him into the sewer. A year later, Bill can’t bring himself to stop looking for his little brother, and he and his friends also begin to see the clown who, in addition to being terrifying himself, shows them all images representing their worst nightmares. For Richie, it’s the fear of being abandoned and that’s why he starts seeing signs that he’s wanted. Richie is also a bit of a loudmouth, spending his time teasing and throwing insults more or less vulgar to his friends and enemies.


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