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Pennywise with boat chase (It)

Pennywise in retro version

For this chase version of the character, Funko depicted him with sepia colors that were a bit pass?. In fact, when kids do research, they find old archive photos that already show the clown and his retro outfit. He wears a white clown costume with nice details like the pompoms instead of buttons, the collar around the neck or the lace on the sleeves. He is also represented holding the boat that allows him to attract little Georgie at the beginning of the film. Finally, at the level of the head, we find his make-up stretching his mouth and representing red hooks around the eyes and a heart at the level of the nose. His hair, normally orange, is here of a dark red to stick to the sepia atmosphere of the old photos.


The beginning of a terrifying story

Pennywise is the terrifying monster of the famous novel by Stephen King It (Ca in French), the first part of which is once again adapted to the screen in 2017. At the beginning of the story, a little boy goes to play in the rain to float his paper boat in the gutter. But when it falls into a manhole, he comes face to face with a rather disturbing clown. The clown invites him to join him and when the boy refuses and starts to leave, the clown pulls him away by tearing off his arm with his terrifying jaw. A year later, several children in the town begin to have terrifying visions of their greatest fear and the clown is always the common element. When they do some research at the library, they realize that the clown has been making appearances in town for over a hundred years and that every 27 years, she was hit with a wave of missing children that always stopped as suddenly as it started.


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