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Pennywise dancing (It, Chapter Two)

An eerie look

Pennywise is shown here with his arms outstretched ready to do his famous little dance that makes him even more eerie. He is otherwise wearing his usual old gray clown costume with a collar, sleeves and ankles. He also wears shoes with red tassels and red buttons. On the head, we find as always his white skin with yellow eyes and his mouth stretched with red makeup as well as his very long front teeth. He also has orange hair of traditional clown.


A final season for the monster

Pennywise is the most famous of the monsters created by Stephen King for the novel It” and the two films that were adapted from it. He is a creature of unknown origin who has been terrorizing the town of Derry for centuries without anyone doing anything about it or really noticing until he attacks Charlie, the little brother of a group of young teenagers on the fringe. He lures him with a balloon and then catches and devours him, leaving his family without even a body. A year after the boy’s disappearance, his older brother Bill continues to search for him. His friends help him and at that moment “It” starts to attack them. The group of teenagers is joined by Max, a young black boy not really accepted in the town, Ben, a boy harassed because of his weight, and Beverly a young girl abused by her father. Together, they investigate It and manage to defeat him, but they know that he will surely return twenty-seven years later. So they vow to come back too. And indeed, Pennywise starts killing again and Max, the only one of the friends to have stayed in Derry, calls them all back. He thinks he has found a way to kill Pennywise and to do so, they have to collect items for the ritual. In the meantime, Pennywise is going to do everything he can to kill them first or scare them enough to stop them.


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