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Georgie Denbrough (It)

An adorable little boy

Georgia is shown here wearing the outfit he wears in the first scene of the film: blue jeans with black rain boots and above all, that representative yellow raincoat. A few strands of brown hair are sticking out of the raincoat and of course he is holding the paper boat made by his older brother. On the side of the boat, we can read that Bill wrote SS Georgie in reference to the names of the boats of the American army.


The first victim

Georgie Denbrough is the first victim of the terrifying clown from the movie IT” and the Stephen King novel from which it is adapted. Georgie is the little brother of one of the heroes of the story who has just made him a paper boat that he wants to sail in the gutter in the rain. But Bill is too sick to go out so he lets his little brother go alone. His boat sails in the gutter for a while before falling into a manhole. He goes to catch him but realizes that there is a clown in the manhole who urges him to come join him to continue playing. The little boy hesitates, not wanting to lose the boat his brother gave him, but finally decides to go. Then the clown’s face turns into a terrifying monster and rips off the boy’s arm before pulling him into the manhole. A year later, Bill continues to search for his little brother when everyone else has given up, and it is then that he and several of his friends and other teenagers from the town who are a bit of outcasts like them begin to see the clown and other images from their worst nightmares.


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