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Pennywise with skateboard (It, Chapter Two)

Intelligent as well as terrifying

Pennywise is represented here holding the skateboard of a little boy who reminds Bill of his little brother who was one of the clown’s victims. He appears to him in order to lure him into a carnival and prevent him from participating in the ritual with the others. As usual, he wears his old clown outfit, gray with a collar around the neck and pompoms on the shoes. On the head, we find his white skin, his yellow eyes and his orange hair styled in three kinds of spikes. Finally, he holds the skateboard of the young boy but it is partly covered with blood, as well as the mouth and hands of the clown. And we can see a message that reminds Bill that he couldn’t help his brother and that he won’t be able to help this boy either, while making fun of his stuttering.


Ever More Horrifying

Pennywise is the terrifying monster adopting the appearance of a clown most of the time in Stephen King’s novel It” and its movie adaptations. In the first film, a group of teenage misfits confront this monster in the early 90s. It is a creature of unknown origin that uses the fear of its victims to terrify them before drawing them to itself and devouring them. While investigating the history of the town, the teenagers learn that “It” returns every twenty-seven years. They manage to defeat him but know that chances are he is not dead but just in hibernation and vow to return if he ever reappears. In the second film, It reappears and starts killing again. Mike, the only one of the boys to have stayed in Derry, calls the others back. They hesitate to stay, the memory of the events that had been erased by a supernatural process comes back to them and they are terrified. But finally, they accept because Mike thinks he has found a kind of ceremony that will allow them to kill him once and for all. But in the meantime, It will try to terrify and kill them all and they will have to face their fears again.


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