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Pennywise with boat (It)

Pennywise and his boat

In the film, we learn that Pennywise has been around for several hundred years, so his style has an ancient feel to it. His white outfit, a little grey with frills on his arms and feet, is very detailed and nicely reproduced. He has a red belt and big pompoms as buttons and on the tip of his big shoes. On the head, his face is entirely painted in white, only his nose and mouth are painted in red and his eyes are a disturbing green-yellow. Finally, his red hair is divided into three large wicks in point revealing a part of his skull covered with scars. He holds in his right hand the famous little boat that allows him to lure the little boy into the sewer.


The most terrifying clown

Pennywise is the terrifying clown monster from one of Stephen King’s most famous novels: It (Ca in French) and the movie released in 2017 that it is adapted from. At the beginning of the story, a little boy goes out during a rain shower to try to float the paper boat made by his brother in the gutter. The boat falls into a manhole and the boy comes face to face with a clown who tries to lure him down if he wants to get his boat back. As the boy decides to finally leave, the clown opens his mouth to reveal a terrifying jaw and pulls him in to devour him. A year later, his older brother and other children in the small Maine town begin to see this same clown, who harasses them with terrifying images directly inspired by their worst nightmare. As the story unfolds, the kids come together and try to figure out what is going on and how to stop Pennywise.


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