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Pennywise funhouse (It, Chapter Two)

A terrifying scene

Pennywise is shown here in the Hall of Mirrors where Bill is stuck with him and a young boy he is trying to protect. Pennywise is still wearing his old clown outfit that has turned gray over time. He has tassel shoes, a ruff around his neck and white makeup on his hands and face. We can see his skin cracked at the level of the forehead and his orange hair raised in several directions. Finally, as in the movie, her long tongue is out to lick the glass and we can see her long pointed teeth.


The monster is back

Pennywise is the terrifying monster taking on the appearance of a clown in the famous novel by Stephen King and the films that were adapted from it. In the second chapter, the murders begin again, as expected, twenty years later. Mike, the only one of the teenagers to have stayed in Derry, contacts all the others to make them come back and respect the pact they made at the time. Their memory having faded with time, it comes back when they all meet again in Derry. At first terrified and determined to leave town, they finally all come back and are ready to follow Mike’s instructions for the ritual that should help them kill It” once and for all. But of course “It” is not going to go down that easily and stalks them all the way through while continuing his monstrous killing spree.


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