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Diva Plavalaguna (The Fifth Element)

The Blue Woman

The Diva Plavalaguna has an extra-terrestrial look that is very different from humans, but with a certain grace in keeping with her exceptional voice. We find her body completely blue on which it is difficult to distinguish what is actually part of her body and what constitutes her outfit. She seems to wear a long tight dress simply embellished with black elements at the level of the waist, the wrists and the nicely decorated collar. Her head with a simple face is very elongated, her forehead is high and we find three long appendages on each side of her head, like hair or tentacles. Finally, her two hands are raised on the side as if she was singing.


The mystical singer

The Plavalaguna Diva is a secondary but important character in The Fifth Element, Luc Besson’s most popular science fiction film. In this story set a few hundred years in the future, the members of an ancient religion believe that a terrible evil is trying to return to Earth every 5,000 years and that only the weapon in the possession of a race of peaceful aliens, the Mondo Shawan, can save the Earth. Just before landing, their ship reappears on Earth and is attacked and destroyed. The stones forming the 4/5 of the weapon disappear but scientists manage to reconstitute the famous fifth element with the help of the DNA of a hand: a woman named Leeloo with superhuman powers. She escapes from the laboratory and falls into the cab of a certain Korben Dallas who agrees to help her find these famous stones. They learn that these stones were recovered by an alien woman, the Diva Plavalaguna, in order to protect them from the servants of evil who wish to destroy them. Korben and Leeloo will have to find a way to approach her during one of her concerts on an extra-terrestrial planet.


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