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Korben Dallas (The Fifth Element)

Bruce Willis in the Jean-Paul Gaultier fashion

The film taking place several hundreds of years in the future, Luc Besson had called upon Jean-Paul Gaultier for the creation of costumes. In the end, the characters wear clothes with strange cuts and flashy colors that are part of the identity of the film. As we can see, Korben Dallas, wears a shiny black pants and quite tight with matching boots. With that, he wears an orange tank top with a striped texture. His face is simple but we recognize well his very blond and short hair. Finally, he holds in his right hand a firearm with an impressive size.


The cab driver

Korben Dallas is one of the main characters in The Fifth Element, Luc Besson’s famous science fiction film. Several hundred years in the future, Korben Dallas is a cab driver living in a tiny apartment in a crowded city. His life is rather quiet until the day when the strange Leeloo falls from the sky through the roof of his cab. She is strangely dressed and doesn’t speak the language at first, but she soon explains that she needs his help to find some mysterious stones. Leeloo has in fact been reconstituted from the DNA of a hand after the crash of the spaceship that brought her to Earth. Thanks to the priests of a very old religion, they will also understand that Leeloo is in fact the fifth element that will allow to fight the evil supposed to come back every 5000 years.


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