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Leeloo Straps (The Fifth Element)

Leeloo and its famous bands of fabric

When Leeloo is reconstituted with the help of the DNA of a hand, she is of course initially created naked then she is simply covered with some bands of fabric hiding the minimum so that she is descent. This is how she is represented on this figurine. We can easily guess the shape of her naked body on which we can see two white bands around each thigh, one around the hips, one around the waist and one around the chest as well as another vertical band that maintains the whole and hides her pubis. At the head level, his face is very simple but we find his orange hair cut in a square with a small short fringe.


The Fifth Element

Leeloo is one of the main characters in Luc Besson’s famous science fiction movie, The Fifth Element, set a few hundred years in the future. Every 5,000 years, evil is supposed to return to Earth in one form or another but fortunately, the Mondo Shawan, peaceful aliens return as expected to bring four stones representing the four elements and a fifth one supposed to protect them from this evil. Unfortunately, their ship is attacked and crashes and the worst of them disappear. On the other hand, a hand is found on the site of the crash and this allows to reconstitute Leeloo, the fifth element, a young woman with physical and psychic capacities well above the norm. She escapes from the laboratory in which she is kept and falls by chance in the cab of Korben Dallas that she manages to convince to find the stones and by the same to save the world with her.


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