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Ruby Rhod (The Fifth Element)

An unusual role for Chris Tucker

Like the other characters in the film, Ruby Rhod’s costume was designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier, but it is even more exuberant than the average. We find his suit completely tight to the leopard pattern that covers even his feet and opens on a plunging neckline. In his hands he holds a microphone that matches his outfit. At the level of the head, we find his brown skin as well as the small mole near his eye. His hair dyed in white and in the shape of a banana are rather well reproduced on his head and we find of course the famous headset microphone that never leaves him.


An exuberant character

Ruby Rhod is a secondary character but of some importance in the film The Fifth Element, Luc Besson’s cult science fiction film. A few hundred years in the future, a terrible evil returns after 5000 years of absence and the only way to defeat it is a weapon made of four stones and a fifth element. This weapon is being brought back by the Mondo Shawan, the peaceful alien race that has kept it safe all this time. But as the ship is about to arrive on Earth, it is attacked and destroyed. The stones disappear from the wreckage but scientists manage to recreate the famous fifth element using the DNA of a hand. It takes the form of Leeloo, a young woman with superhuman powers who escapes from the laboratory. She falls into Korben Dallas’ cab and manages to get his help to find the stones and save the world. They must then pretend to be the winners of a radio contest giving them access to a cruise ship. They are welcomed by Ruby Rhod, their more than extravagant host. But when the ship is attacked by the servants of the evil Zorg, Ruby is dragged into the battle and finds himself helping Korben and Leeloo in spite of himself!


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