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Leeloo (The Fifth Element)

Milla Jovovitch in Jean-Paul Gaultier fashion

For the costumes of this film, Luc Besson called upon Jean-Paul Gaultier, we find forms, colors and materials a little strange which are, among others, the visual trademark of this film. On this figurine Leeloo is represented with the clothes that Korben gives her after having taken her in when she fell in his cab. She wears a tight yellow pants with black boots and funny black straps. With that, she wears a white t-shirt revealing her belly but the most notable element is this kind of orange plastic harness with holes. At the level of the head, her face is very simple but we recognize of course her famous red hair and her small short fringe. Finally, she holds in her hand her multipass”, a kind of identity card which is given to her when she has to pretend to be Korben’s wife.


An ancient creature adapted to the modern world

Leeloo is the mysterious main character of the Fifth Element, one of Luc Besson’s most popular science fiction films. According to the members of an ancient religion, evil is supposed to return to Earth every 5,000 years and on this occasion the Mondo Shawan, a race of peaceful aliens are supposed to arrive on Earth to deposit stones and a fifth element that will defend against this ancient evil. But their ship crashes and the stones are stolen. However, they manage to reconstitute this famous fifth element thanks to the DNA of a hand and it takes the shape of a young woman: Leeloo. She escapes from the laboratory where she was reconstituted and falls by chance in the car of a cab driver. This one is going to find himself, a little in spite of himself, involved in a mission to save the world with the mysterious Leeloo.


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