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Mangalore (The Fifth Element)

A repulsive appearance

As in the movie, the Mangalores wear an outfit in green or brown tones that are not very far from their skin color and therefore give them a uniform appearance. The details of the outfit as well as the grey boots remind the futuristic atmosphere of this movie as well as the so particular design of the weapon that he holds in his hands. At the level of the head, we find the wrinkled appearance of his skin and his green color. His mouth is open to reveal two rows of threatening teeth and finally we find his funny ears that give him a hybrid aspect between man and animal.


Stupid creatures

The Mangalore are mercenary aliens in one of Luc Besson’s most famous science fiction films: The Fifth Element. In the distant future, an alien spaceship asks to land on Earth. Its passengers are carrying stones that are supposed to form a weapon that will allow humans to fight a terrible evil that comes back every 5000 years. Unfortunately, the ship is shot down by those who want this evil to spread. But before these people can reach the ship, the stones disappear, recovered by someone wishing to protect them. The terrible Zorg, at the orders of the Evil” in question, sends a band of mercenaries to recover them. These Mangalores are green alien beings with an unattractive appearance and limited intelligence but willing to work for any purpose for money.


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