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DJ Yonder (Fortnite)

A trendy skin

DJ Yonder is a DJ skin with a very trendy and offbeat look. He wears jeans with lots of squares of various colors and pink sneakers. He also wears a green jacket with golden details and matching gloves. On the head, he wears a robot helmet like Daft Punk but with a robotic llama shape with a silver snout and several golden details.


The coolest skins

DJ Yonder is one of the skins available when players purchase the battle pass for the sixth season of the online game Fortnite Battle Royale. In this game, skins are especially popular since it is the only way to customize players’ avatars. DJ Yonder is particularly popular with his llama-shaped helmet and shiny clothes. It can be completed with the smash up, a kind of axe in the shape of a DJ console or the glow show, a mirror ball that serves as a flashlight for the player.


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