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Drogon (Game Of Thrones)

The most ferocious of her siblings

As in the series and as described in the books, Dragon is a black and red dragon. Here he is represented in a gradient from black to light gray with red wings and spines. In order to stick to the typical proportions of pop figures, his head is particularly large but rather faithful to the shape of the dragon and therefore a little different from the usual shape of the head of these figures. His black eyes are circled with red and the different spikes and scale patterns are quite finely reproduced. His body is shown seated, his tail pulled forward and his two large wings spread. Drogon has always been the fiercest of the three dragons. From birth, he was more voracious than the others, grew faster and was the first to be uncontrollable. And although the other dragons have the same appearance (except for the color), the red circle around his eyes accentuates this character.


Drogon, the aptly named

Drogon is one of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons, one of the main characters of the novels A Song Of Ice And Fire” and the series “Game Of Thrones” which is the adaptation. This series tells the story of the power war between the great families of the imaginary kingdom of Westeros. Daenerys is the last descendant of the mad king Aerys Targaryen, who was killed during the Baratheon takeover. Along with her brother, Viserys, she was forced to flee the kingdom as a baby, to take refuge across the sea. 13 years later, Viserys seeks to acquire an army to reclaim the throne that is rightfully his. To do so, he will sell his sister in marriage to the powerful Dothraki warrior Khal Drogo. But things will not go as he planned. Drogo and Daenerys will fall in love and it is finally to her that he will offer his army. At their wedding, Daenerys receives 3 dragon eggs as a gift. But while they are only supposed to be decorative, the race being extinct for centuries, Daenerys, possessing the legendary powers of the Targaryen line, manages to hatch them. She then finds herself “mother” of three dragons that she names Viserion for her brother, Rhaegal for her other brother whom she did not know, as well as Drogon for her husband.


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