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Ebony Maw (Avengers Infinity War)

A strange appearance

Funko has of course represented Ebony Maw with this strange skin of a not very healthy blue-grey, his lack of nose giving him a little reptilian side. With this, we find the gray suit which, without being a uniform is well connected with the outfit of Thanos and his other followers. It is gray with white and gold details and differences in textures nicely reproduced. Finally he wears black boots and the expression on his face only amplifies the feeling of unease given off by the character.


A loyal follower

Ebony Maw is one of the three loyal followers of Thanos and a member of the Black Order that we can see in the movie Avengers Infinity War. Indeed, Thanos has the idea to gather the six infinity stones in order to obtain the supreme power and thus have the possibility to cancel the existence of half of the galaxy’s population. He thinks that this will solve the problem of overpopulation and prevent planets from becoming unlivable as it was the case on his own. Ebony Maw is from an unknown alien race and he is above all a wizard with great mental powers. He is one of Thanos’ most loyal followers, arriving on the planets they attack to explain to the people how lucky they are and that Thanos is there to make their lives better. His powers being what they are, it is logically him who is sent to recover the time stone preciously kept by Doctor Strange.


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