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Eitri (Avengers Infinity War)

An unusual character

As explained in the movie, Eitri is a member of the dwarf race, but of the mythical dwarves of the Nordic legends who are in fact much bigger than humans but with dwarf proportions with a trappu body. He wears a fairly simple leather smith’s outfit in shades of brown with a red apron in front. He wears thick brown boots and reinforced metal gloves. On the head, he has a thick, shaggy, curly hair and a matching beard. Finally, we also find the scar around his eye.


A real giant

Eitri is a giant dwarf in Avengers Infinity War and the mythical smith of the gods. Indeed, in Thor Ragnarok, Thor’s hammer was broken by his sister and after the destruction of Asgard, he took all his people on a ship to Earth. But it was attacked by Thanos and Thor was left with nothing, adrift and no way to return to Earth. He was then picked up by the Guardians of the Galaxy ship. Groot and Rocket agreed to take him to Eitri, the blacksmith of the gods and the only one who could forge him a new hammer. Thor has to resist the power and heat of a red dwarf in order to make the forge work, but he finally manages to get the new Stormbreaker hammer, even more powerful than the previous one and which even allows Thor to open the Bifrost and arrive directly on Earth with Groot and Rocket.


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