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Emily Diamond (Corpse Bride)

An adorable bride

For this exclusive figure, Funko has represented Emily here in a diamond version with some parts of the figure covered with glitter. She is of course wearing her wedding dress in shades of white and blue. We also find her long blond hair and her skeleton arm. At the level of the head, we find her pink mouth and the worm coming out of her eye partly decomposed.


A tragic destiny

Emily is one of the main characters in Tim Burton’s stop motion cartoon Corpse Bride (Les Noces Fun?bres in French). She was a young woman living in Victorian England who, in love, decided to run away with the man she loved. But instead of joining her in the forest, he killed her and stole her money. Years later, Victor, stressed by his upcoming wedding to Victoria, goes to the forest to rehearse his speech and puts the ring on what he thinks is a branch and turns out to be Emily’s skeleton finger. She wakes up and takes him to the realm of the dead to marry her. But while Victor tries to make her understand that he is in love with Victoria and wants to return to her, Victoria’s parents betroth her to another man, who happens to be the one who had betrayed Emily. If she can’t find love, maybe Emily can finally get her revenge and rest in peace.


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