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Skeleton (Corpse Bride)


A merry death

Skeleton is one of the many merry skeletons that Victor, the hero of the film Corpse Bride, meets in the stop motion animation film Corpse Bride. The latter is to be married to the daughter of a noble English family but without the money while the former comes from a newly rich family. Although he finally gets along very well with his new fianc?e, he is very stressed by his family and makes mistake after mistake during his wedding rehearsal. Embarrassed, he fled into the forest where he began to rehearse his speech. Proud of himself, he finishes it without stammering and puts the ring on a tree branch sticking out of the ground. Only it is in fact a skeletal finger belonging to a bride who then takes him to the world of the dead. There, he realizes that the world of the dead is rather alive with dancing and singing skeletons in a world resembling that of the living but with a red sky. His new bride” Emily seems determined to keep Victor while Victor only wants to return to the world of the living to find Victoria. This skeleton has only his bones left but that doesn’t stop him from dancing and having fun as we can see with the positioning of his arms. At the head level, we can see that his mouth is wide open to sing and he still has a real one in his right eye socket. Finally, he wears an elegant bowler hat on top of his head.


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