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Emily (Corpse Bride)

A beautiful dead groom

Emily is shown here in her full wedding attire. We find the pretty white dress now a little torn with the patterns on the bottom. At the level of the torso, we can see her ribs protruding and one of her arms and one of her legs are completely skeletal. His skin is completely blue but his mouth remains pink. At the level of the head, we also find her long blue hair and her wedding veil decorated with purple flowers. In her hands, she also holds her bouquet of blue flowers.


A tragic story

Emily is one of the main characters in Corpse Bride, Tim Burton’s stop motion cartoon. Emily was a young woman who decided to elope with the man she loved in secret, but he decided not to come to the rendezvous and to kill her, not wanting a marriage without the generous dowry of the young woman’s family. A few years later, young Victor is nervous about his own marriage to Victoria and runs off into the forest to rehearse his wedding speech. And he passes the ring to what he thinks is a dead branch but is in fact Emily’s finger. She then wakes up and considering that Victor is now her husband, she takes him to the world of the dead. At first disappointed and saddened that Victor wants to return to the woman he is supposed to marry, she eventually realizes that she cannot punish the couple for what happened to him. And as her story becomes strangely intertwined with that of Victoria, Victor’s bride, it will be an opportunity for her to finally find peace about what happened to her.


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