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Skeleton glows in the dark (Corpse Bride)

A skeleton that glows in the dark

Funko has made a glows in the dark version of the skeleton. It is a skeleton without a trace of flesh on the bones. He is standing and his arms seem to be disarticulated in a funny dance. At the level of the head, we can still see an eye in its orbit and his mouth is separated in two to show a big smile. He also wears a bowler hat on the left side of his head.


A merry death

Skeleton is one of the many merry skeletons that can be found in Tim Burton’s stop motion cartoon Corpse Bride. Victor, son of the nouveau riche, is to marry the daughter of a noble family and this makes him very nervous. Against all odds, the two young people get along well, but Victor gets very stressed during the wedding rehearsal and runs off into the forest to think. While rehearsing his vows, he puts the ring on the finger of what he thinks is a branch and is in fact the finger of a skeleton bride who takes him with her to the world of the dead. And this world is not as Victor had imagined. The whole world is happy and festive, skeleton orchestras play music, others dance and drink beer.


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