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Erik Killmonger (Black Panther)

An inimitable look

Erik Killmonger has been represented here with the military outfit he wears when he tries to infiltrate Wakanda to challenge his cousin. He is wearing camouflage pants with metal armor on his torso and heavy military boots. He holds in his hands more traditional weapons: a spear and a sword. On the head, we find his light beard and his hair styled in a kind of dreadlocks brought back on top of his head. This is a particularly well detailed figure, especially in terms of hair and clothing.


The forgotten cousin

Erik Killmonger is a character from the movie Black Panther from Marvel studios. In this movie, we discover the kingdom of Wakanda and its new king T’Challa. Indeed, after the death of his father in the movie Captain America Civil War, T’Challa officially becomes king after an ancestral ceremony during which he must give up his powers to fight all those who would challenge him. The ceremony is a success and T’Challa becomes king, regaining his Black Panther powers: agility and speed. These powers are given to him by a flower that grows only in Wakanda, an incredibly advanced country, thanks to vibranium, an extraterrestrial and very resistant metal, present in the ground since a meteorite crashed there. But in New York, Erik Killmonger is determined to get back to Wakanda, which everyone thinks is a third-world country, its main and incredibly advanced city being hidden behind a shield. He finally manages to enter and we learn with amazement that he is in fact T’Challa’s cousin. Indeed, his father, T’Challa’s uncle, had been sent to New York as a spy, and seeing the misery of his brothers there, had decided to reveal the secret of Wakanda to the world. For this, he was executed and his son left behind.


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