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Figurines Pop Movie Moments Hulkbuster VS Hulk (Avengers Age Of Ultron)

A showdown at the top

Funko chose to represent the Hulk fighting Tony Stark in his Hulkbuster armor for this exclusive movie moments at the New York Comic Con. The Hulk is as always shirtless and simply wears the purple pants made for him and which are stretchy, allowing him not to tear them at each transformation. You can see the rage on his face as well as his forward fist about to hit the Hulkbuster’s. The Hulkbuster is red and gold like Tony Stark’s armor but much more massive in height and width, making him a sort of massive version of the Hulk in armor. He also has his fist forward to hit the Hulk and on the ground, we can see the numerous debris where the two characters have sunk.


The Extreme Solution

Hulk is one of the most powerful members of the Avengers in the Marvel Studios films. Bruce Banner is a brilliant scientist who tried to recreate the serum that gave Steve Rogers, Captain America, his powers. But when he tests it on himself, it doesn’t have the same effects and turns him into a huge and very strong green creature, almost rabid and uncontrollable. Since then, whenever he is angry, he transforms against his will. Since he joined the Avengers to fight powerful enemies, he has managed to control his transformation quite well but there is always the risk of losing control. For this reason, Tony Stark has created a much larger and more powerful version of his own Iron Man armor to fight and neutralize the Hulk in case he loses control. This is what happens in the movie Avengers, Age of Ultron when Scarlett Witch uses her powers of mental suggestion to anger him


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