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Frodo Baggins invisible (The Lord Of The Rings)

In the world of the ring

When he wears the ring, Frodo can make himself invisible, which he avoids doing because it makes him more vulnerable to the power of the ring, but it also allows him to get out of several complicated situations. So that’s how he is represented for this figurine exclusive to Barnes & Noble stores. On this figurine, he is represented with exactly the same clothes and the same posture as his classic figurine but in a transparent plastic that represents his invisibility. We can see his short pants and his elegant hobbit tunic as well as his bare and hairy feet and the big cloak offered by Galadriel. In his right hand, he holds the Sting sword that Bilbo found in the troll cellar many years ago and that he gives to Frodo when he sees him again in Rivendell. Finally, at the level of the head, one recognizes well his curly hair of hobbit.

The ring bearer

Frodo Baggins is the central character of the film and literary trilogy of heroic fantasy: The Lord Of The Rings. Frodo Baggins is a hobbit living quietly in the Shire until his uncle Bilbo entrusts him with his magic ring before leaving to live with the elves. But this ring is none other than Sauron’s terrible and unique ring that could destroy the world. The wizard Gandalf asks him to go to Rivendell so that the council of Elrond can decide what to do with this terrible weapon. When it is decided that it must be destroyed by taking it to the mountain of destiny where it was created, the men, elves and dwarves present argue about who should do it. It is then that Frodo devotes himself, realizing that being particularly resistant to its attraction, he is the only one to be able to carry out its mission. He will be accompanied by a company of men, hobbits, an elf and a dwarf.


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