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Gandalf On Gwaihir (The Lord Of The Rings)

A spectacular escape

For this pop wrinkle, Gandalf is represented here during his escape from Saruman’s tower when he is recovered by the eagle Gwaihir. The giant eagle is placed on a transparent base to give him the impression of flying a little leaning. He is brown with large wings with nicely detailed plumage and orange beak and talons. Gandalf is shown on his back with his large gray robe and light gray hair and beard, his face showing obvious signs of fatigue.

The white wizard

Gandalf is one of the most powerful characters of the Lord of the Rings universe. He is one of the three almost immortal wizards remaining in the middle earth. At the beginning of the saga, he realizes that the ring given to Frodo by his old friend Bilbo is in fact Sauron’s ring of power. Too dangerous to remain in the hands of the young hobbit, Gandalf incites him to take it to Rivendell where a council of all the allied races decide to destroy the ring. It is Frodo who will do it, being relatively immune to its evil power. He will be accompanied by a company of elves, humans, hobbits and Gandalf. The latter will fall to the Balrog but Saruman having betrayed, he will be brought back to life to become the white magician. At the end, while Frodo, helped by Sam, finally managed to destroy the ring, he is saved by Gandalf on the giant eagle Gwaihir who had already rescued him.


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