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Genji Overwatch 2 (Overwatch)

An android ninja

Genji is shown here wearing the outfit he wears in the new trailer for the second installment of the game. He is wearing black pants with sneakers and a sweater giving him a more normal” look than before. On the head, he still wears his helmet and a big hood hiding the back of his head, all in shades of gray and black with green stripes. He also holds a sword with a black scabbard.


A complicated family

Genji is one of the playable heroes of the famous online video game Overwatch. He was part of a Japanese organized crime family but was not very interested in the family business. His brother was sent to set him straight but a fight broke out and Genji was left for dead. He was picked up by the Overwatch league and nursed back to health, but he became an android.


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