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Giant wight (Game Of Thrones)

A frosted giant

For this exclusive ECCC 2018 figurine, Funko has therefore chosen to represent a giant transformed into a wight/zombie and logically it is of course a supersized figure of 15 cm. His body and clothes are like frosted and entirely in shades of blue. As when he was alive, his clothes are a bit ragged as there is no real clothing for giants. His tunic is sewn up all over and a large cloth belt holds it to his waist. On his upper body, he also wears several layers of fur. On the head, his face is hollowed out and emaciated, revealing his skull in several places, especially the nose, and his eyes are an icy blue like those of all people transformed into zombies.


A particularly terrifying wight

The giant wight is a character that we could see several times in the season seven of the famous series Game Of Thrones. In this heroic fantasy series, several great families of the continent of Westeros fight for power while ignoring that their greatest threat comes from the north beyond the great wall of ice that is supposed to protect them from the wildlings, the inhabitants of these wild lands. But with winter coming, the white walkers, creatures that can raise the dead, are marching south with their zombie army, determined to find a way to cross the wall. Only Jon Snow, the Night’s Watch and the Wildlings are aware of this terrible threat, but despite their best efforts, none of the ruling families take them seriously. Until the arrival of Daenerys Targaryen on Westeros who, after a difficult start, will agree to ally with Jon Snow, after having seen with her own eyes the threat he was talking about. We see the giant wight for the first time in a vision of Bran that allows us to realize that the army of the Night King is even more important than the men of the Night’s Watch or the Wildlings thought.


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