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Goofy garde royal (Kingdom Hearts)

A Proud Knight

For this figure exclusive to Gamestop stores, Goofy is represented with his knight’s outfit. The basic orange and blue colors of his knight outfit are still there. In addition to his orange pants, he wears large pointed metal shoes and armor on his left arm and hand. On the head, we recognize his elongated snout, his big ears, his pointed teeth as well as the medieval helmet in bluish metal that he wears on the top of the head.


Chief of Mickey’s Royal Guard

Goofy is one of the main characters in the Kingdom Hearts video game series. These games have the particularity of creating a new world in which the young Sora is the hero, but in which he will meet many characters from the Disney universe. Goofy is one of these characters and one of those who will have a very important role and that we will find in each episode of the game. At the beginning of the story, Goofy is the loyal leader of Mickey’s royal guard.


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