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Goofy Monsters’ Inc (Kingdom Hearts)

Goofy version Sulley

For this new version of Goofy, Funko decided to represent him in a Monsters Inc version with a monster look strongly reminiscent of Sulley, the hero of the Monsters Inc movies. His body is green with darker spots instead of his usual brown color and he has impressive claws on the tips of his fingers and feet. On the head, he has strange big eyes: one blue and one red with a yellow cap on top. We still find this vest with a big zipper typical of the style of Kingdom Hearts.


Goofy in a new world

Goofy is one of the important characters in the Kingdom Hearts video games from Square Enix. These games mix an original universe with many worlds of the Disney universe. Sora, the hero, has to cross many of these worlds to fight his long-time enemies, the Heartless. In the first episode, he meets Goofy and Donald who become his friends and decide to accompany him. In the third opus coming out in 2019, the three friends are back for new adventures and will visit new worlds, including Pirates of the Caribbean and Monsters and Company.


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